We are

We are Yource Bulgaria!

We are Yource Bulgaria! 

We deliver high quality multilingual services and customer excellence to our clients 
  • We are ”Strong in communication Solutions”
  • We are the company where “Our people make the difference”!
  • We are the first international contact center in Bulgaria
  • We are ISO 18295:2018 certified - an International contact center standard
  • We are the company that is “Never satisfied with the average”
  • We are the company that speaks your customers’ language


Contact and call centers come in many forms. Yet Yource Bulgaria is not just one of the many contact centers abroad. Our continuous striving for quality and flexibility has made us unique in several ways.


History Timeline

What makes Yource Bulgaria the right choice for your business?

Over 15 years’ experience in Customer Service

  • We serve customers all over Europe and the US 
  • Your customer is always our priority
  • We are obsessed by Customer Excellence

European Approach

  • 15 languages spoken and written
  • Serving more than 19 countries
  • Flexible and people-driven approach
  • A Hybrid working model
  • Modern and state-of-the-art office in Sofia
  • Plus Virtual and Home office model
  • ISO 18295:2018 certified in 2021

Western-European Management

  • Open Door culture
  • Honesty, Ownership, balanced and clear vision
  • Partnership instead of transaction