22 October 2020

Interview with Olmo Veld - The training program for our new customer care project Eneco

Our new customer care project Eneco is starting soon and today we are going to give you some more information on the project itself and the training program.
We are talking today first hand with our internal training specialist Olmo Veld, who has recently been on a business trip in Belgium to attend the extensive training program our client provides.

Hi Olmo, first and foremost thank you for your time. Can you tell us a little bit more about the customer care training program?

It was indeed an extensive training, organized in a very professional way. What I found especially impressive is how even though we could not have classical training like it was done in the past, having the corona measures in mind, we still had an interactive online training that kept everybody focused and engaged.
I find that even though the customer care project itself might look challenging at first; at the same time the training provides a structure and a flow that is dynamic and enables the participants to learn and apply the needed knowledge and skills for the job.

What are the training program duration and core structure?

The program is in total two weeks and what I like specifically is that it’s divided into 2 parts:
Part one – initial training on the main services and skills, followed by one month of applying the learned skills live on the phone with the supervision and the direct support of the team leads
Part two – a continuation of part one which focuses on helping the customers from A to Z. Learning more in dept about the services, so that a transferring to other departments won’t be necessary. The ultimate goal is for a new customer care champion to serve the customers 360 degrees with confidence and excellence. 

Will the initial training program duration be enough for a new customer care champion to perform with confidence after it?

In my opinion and experience, it is always exciting to start on a new project. I’m confident the training program is extensive enough for a new customer care champion to go live confidently. However, people learn in different ways and paces. For the people that feel the need for additional support, I, the Team Lead, and the more experienced agents (at the Yource group) will make sure that they will get the needed support, for as long as they need it to feel confident.
Confidence will grow with every step, with every solved case, with every satisfied customer! The more you apply the knowledge the better you become every day.

Are there any ongoing and additional training provided?

Every month there are quizzes to keep everybody up to date on the newest procedures, refreshes on the points where we see that a lot of people might struggle with and with the help of our customer care champions, we will be improving and adapting the training to make it even better.