4 August 2020

Joranne - What I like about my project


Why do I like working at Yource Bulgaria?  

There are several things I like about working at Yource Bulgaria. First and foremost the people that I work with. They are not only my colleagues but with some of them, I’ve also become really good friends and really close. Before the lockdown, due to the coronavirus, we used to spend at least 40 hours a week together at the office and after-hours we'd go to the bar and have some drinks or go shopping at the mall and we'd even go on trips in the weekend. 
Even with the current situation going on we support, care, and have fun with each other. For example, we've made this great playlist to which we keep adding songs to share. We also did this great Quiz through a Zoom meeting which was organized by Yource Bulgaria.

There are also many different projects within the company which makes for some good variety.
I have done both customer care and sales, which has given me the chance to not only develop different work skills but has also given me the opportunity to develop as a person. 

What do I love about my project?

What I love about my current project is that it combines both sales and customer care and that we also that we call different campaigns within the project each campaign asking for a different approach.  

What do I like about my daily tasks? 

What I like most about my daily tasks is staying in contact with the costumers and provide support for their issues. 

Why people should join our team? 

People should join our team because we are an extraordinary group of people, we all have different personalities which makes for a good variety of people within our team. Also the different campaigns allow us to adjust our skills, for example, if you are still learning you can start on an easier campaign and build up your skills to a more challenging campaign.

If you have to describe the project in 3 words, what would they be?  

Challenging, surprising and exceptional