16 November 2020

Interview with Johan Trappeniers - The Operations Manager of our new customer care project Eneco

We are only a few days away from the start of our new big customer care project – Eneco Belgium and today we interviewing the Operations Manager of the project Johan Trappeniers to share with you news and more information about the project. 

Hi Johan, thank you for your time. You are taking on a rather exciting and very important challenge – to lead our new big customer care project Eneco. 
Can you share with us more about the project, the main objectives and the function of a Customer care champion?

Eneco customer care is very proud of their client service where the customer is not just a number. They have a 5 stars customer service which they received from independent consumer organizations. One of their key values is ‘Fan of the customer’, which shortly and very clearly describes the importance and the focus they put on their customers.
The main objectives are providing a personal and quality service, helping the client from A till Z, and supporting them along the way. Key drivers are high CSAT in line with a strong FTR.

The exciting “Go-Live” phase is just around the corner, and the first customer care champions are already selected. What are your expectations from the team and the start of the project? 

My expectations are being fast on track, commitment for all champions and engagement during the different training phases.  I count on their determination, ambition, and dedication to work together towards building a strong team that will be performing in accordance to our client expectations and Yource Bulgaria values. 

The team of customer care champions will grow with time. What do you think are the main goals and challenges ahead to build an outstanding team? 

Without the commitment of the champions, there is no team. The challenges to building out a strong team is simply to be connected with each other, to support each other, and to act as one team.
Besides that, the champions will receive all our support to reach the goals.

And last but not least, what is important for you as an Operational Manager in your day-to-day interactions with the people in your team?   

I always work within an open culture: we are straight and open with each other and I believe that transparency and mutual support are factors for success. A personal approach is the key, and we speak the same language: the language of Yource Bulgaria  and the language of the client.
My personal goal here is the fill their bag with a good experience not only professional but also personal and to reach the full potential of each one of them.