27 April 2020

Home Office Life@Yource.Bulgaria - Anais shares her tips for effective home office routine

Top 3 things you love about HomeOffce? 

  • Working in my PJ’s from time to time
  • Having the time to monitor without external factors disturbing
  • My coffee not getting cold 

What’s your home office work routine? What your day looks like? 

My routine is waking up (zombie-mode) prepare my breakfast and hit the shower. Making coffee while eating my breakfast and start-up my computer.  Till that time Marvel (the cat) starts to ask for attention aka food. My pc is ready to go and I check what I need to do for the day. I check-up with my colleagues if everything is going well and start doing the tasks that needs to be done for the day.  In my breaks I go for a walk or do some house chores, while having something to eat off course. When my shift ends, I clear up my desk totally so I still have the feeling work is over and I can enjoy my home space and start making dinner.

One thing you miss from working at the Yource Bulgaria’s Office? 

I can’t just say only one thing that I miss. I miss my walk to work with music blasting in my ears and enjoying the view of the mountain. I miss taking my breakfast with the team in the kitchen corner and make jokes about how much coffee we need. I miss taking my lunchbreaks with my favorite co-workers and sharing our food, especially the girl/woman who can cook like no other .
I miss the vibe and motivating the team with jokes, laughs, crazy dances and acting funny all of us together.

How do you keep yourself in high spirit when working from home? 

I open up the windows every day to have a fresh breeze and “new” air flowing in and put on music while having lots of coffee.  

Share your best advice about HomeOffice productive routine?  

Movement is very important, people that know me, know I’m not a person who likes to sport, well times have changed. I even go for runs and exercises just to have movement and its better then snacking the whole time. 
Clear your desk, so that you can separate work and home and still have the felling they’re two different things. 
Force yourself to put on clothes and not only pj’s or sweatpants all day, it makes a difference mentally and you will see your productivity changing because of it.