16 April 2020

Home Office Life@Yource.Bulgaria - shared by our colleague Kim

Top 3 things you love about HomeOffce?

  1. The calmness. I can concentrate and focus better while working. While I miss the fast-paced environment and the tasks that accompany that I feel more calm and ready to tackle the problems that arise.
  2. The results our team has. We went live in 2 days and the whole team is productive and really making the best out of this situation. It’s great to see everybody doing such an amazing job and I’m super happy about that.
  3. Having some music in the background. At the office there’s no music which makes sense because of all the people that are talking on the phone. At home, when I’m doing some administrative tasks, I can play all sorts of playlists and this also helps me focus better, being in a nice mood and getting work done in a fun way.

What’s your home office work routine? What your day looks like?

Of course, you can sleep in a little longer as there’s no need to travel to work. I start my computer and enjoy some coffee before I get to work. Another advantage is that I can drink my own coffee anytime I want. Small pieces of happiness throughout the day.
I start the day as I always do, checking my inbox and answering messages. During the day I talk to agents to check in on them, give feedback etc. like normal. I do take some extra time while on the phone to just chitchat a bit as everyone is alone in their apartment and it’s nice to catch up like that.
Once a day I go and take a small break in our communal garden, enjoying the sun and some fresh air. It’s important to go outside every now and then to make sure you stay sane.

One thing you miss from working at the Yource Bulgaria’s Office?

That’s simple, I miss all of my colleagues that make working not only easy but also fun. In our team we collect weird quotes and put them in a mail at the end of the month. We call it ‘Quotes of the Month’ and it’s great to see all of the weird stuff we were discussing or the funny things that are being said. Now that we are working from home, we have less quotes to collect but we keep trying! If someone says something while in conference call, or they write a funny thing via e-mail, we still put it in the ‘Quotes of the Month’ mail.

How do you keep yourself in high spirit when working from home?

Listening to music, drinking some coffee in the garden when the sun is shining, talking to my colleagues and joking around is the best way to keep a light spirit. We’re all together in this and together we will keep doing the things like normal. We’re already planning some nice get-togethers for when this situation has passed, doing this makes us excited for the future!

Share your best advice about HomeOffice productive routine?

Keep to the structure that you’re used to; getting up on time, take a nice shower and enjoy some nice food/drinks to spoil yourself sometimes. When you have the chance, go outside to get some fresh air during your break so you can keep a clear mind.