20 July 2020

Elise - What I like about Yource Bulgaria and my project

Working at Yource Bulgaria is amazing to me! You work in an international community with people of all ages and heritages. Everyone has their own story! Some are here to stay, and some just passing through, but all of them are unique and Yource Bulgaria is what brings us together and unites us as a Family.  

The project I work for, Inbound sales, is one with a very motivated team of hardworking people. You get the opportunity to do many different things and it’s never boring, because you never know what the day will bring. If you’re thinking of working abroad, then coming to Sofia is the perfect opportunity for you. Yource Bulgaria offers you a chance to build a life in a new country, or a stepping stone to start your international career.  

If I have to describe Yource Bulgaria in three words for me it would be ‘the perfect opportunity’.