16 September 2019

Yovani (Germany)

A completely new experience.
After more than 6 years of work, I took a break for myself and my family and moved to Venezuela for 6 months. But after some time, you just have the desire to do something again and to do your normal duties. After a short time, I found a perfect job in Bulgaria. Of course, I didn't know anything about this country, but I had heard a little about it from other people.
At first, I had some concerns, but when I knew how much Yource Bulgaria supported me in moving into the new adventure, I knew that I could safely start this chapter. My first impression of Bulgaria was completely different than I ever imagined. A modern, growing and lively country. People from all over Europe work, live and study here. It is also one of the countries with the low cost of living where I have ever been here in Europe. 
These things were and still are decisive for me as an expat here in Sofia.
 It was also very important to me to work in a modern company that offers you opportunities to develop yourself further. That's exactly what I found here in a team with great colleagues.
A new challenge? Definitely in Bulgaria :)

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