26 September 2019

Roel (The Netherlands)

What do I like about Bulgaria? A better question would be: what do I not like about Bulgaria? 5 years ago I met a beautiful girl from Bulgaria, she was studying in Holland, where I lived, and over time we started living together. Due to my relationship, I visited Bulgaria, and Sofia in particular, multiple times a year. Each time we were visiting Sofia, the day we had to fly back became more and more of a burden. Why? Most people in Bulgaria ask me. Because in my opinion life here is purer. Bulgaria offers great foods, amazing nature, beautiful culture and the right form of liveliness in the streets. Walk into one of the many parks in Sofia and you will see how many people here still enjoy being outside, being among people and relax in their spare time. This positive feeling is something that I also experience within Yource Bulgaria. The mix of cultures, backgrounds, and people make Yource Bulgaria a very dynamic and warm working environment. Like a big family, where people not only connect on a professional level but also enjoy being together in their spare time. Planning activities together, enjoying this beautiful country with its many possibilities and the dynamic such bonds offer on the working floor, make it a true joy to work at Euroccor.