20 December 2019

Dominick (Belgium)

My passion for Bulgaria came about 15 years ago when me and my family discovered by chance that there was Bulgarian ancestry in my blood from my mother’s side. Then my mother started to communicate with Bulgarians who lived in Belgium and she started studying the Bulgarian language for 4 years. She also came to visit the country several times and she always came back with incredibly nice stories that she told me afterwards.
That is how my passion for Bulgaria arose and I became more and more curious about the country. For many years I could not let go of that curiosity and I dreamed of taking the step in my life to move to another country. But as for many, taking that step effectively is not so easy. However, at some point the desire prevailed and I finally  gathered the courage to make the move and relocate to Bulgaria. It’s been more than 8 months now and I'm very happy with my decision.
The country has pleasantly surprised me in so many ways. I think it's great that Bulgarians gathered outside in the evening to talk to each other. The center (Serdika) also has so much charm with many beautiful buildings that are nicely illuminated at night. The vibrant nightlife is also something that attracts me, since I myself am a DJ / producer in my spare time. There are lots of nice clubs and locations where you can have a good dance at the weekend. So only praise for Bulgaria from my part.
At Yource Bulgaria I feel very satisfied with my job. I really like my team and I definitely enjoy that I work in a multinational environment. What I appreciate the most here is the support that I got from my Team Lead and my Project Manager from day one and the opportunity they’ve given me to develop and learn. Those things helped me become better at my job and I’m already among the top performing representatives. Yource Bulgaria is a very dynamic company that cares about the people and sees every representative as a person, not just a number like in the most contact centers. This is what I like here. Here you’re actually able to even talk to the higher management if needed.  Little by little I grow as a good representative and I come to work with a smile every day. The opportunity to get to know and to talk with people from different nationalities is what makes it so good.
So for Yource Bulgaria a big thumb up from me!