9 May 2019

Dennis (The Netherlands)

On the sixth of January, my plane landed in Sofia airport. Immediately I felt free. This is my first job abroad and seeing the gates of the airport open up made me feel alive. Realizing the world is open, ready for me to be explored. Shortly after settling in I started to learn a lot about Bulgaria. Things are different here and for the better. In our western society, we are used to our paths being laid out for us. Living in Bulgaria made me realize the essence of certain parts of life.  There are so many different people who work at Yource Bulgaria, a lot of different nationalities and cultures. Everyone has a story and it’s really interesting to learn about all those cultures. Yource Bulgaria invests a lot in the employees. There are a lot of events (big and small) that are organized for the people – the annual New Year's party, Business run, charity events, and simply regular team events, that quickly made me feel part of the company.  I really enjoy Yource Bulgaria and Bulgaria so far. In no time I can find myself on the top of a mountain, along rivers and over hills. Every morning when I wake up, I look out of my window and I can see Vitosha mountain gazing upon me. Bulgaria isn’t widely known to tourists. At least not as much as other exotic European countries and by exotic, I mean the culture and the environment. Although Bulgaria feels like a completely different world, it’s safe to say that life is still life and that doesn’t change by moving to an eastern country. Of course, you can find everything here - restaurant, clubs, hospitals, parks, good apartments, and good food. By letting this culture and this experience in, you are totally completing yourself. As Yource Bulgaria would say; broaden your horizon!

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