7 February 2020

Alessandro (Italy)

As a very active person and someone who is driven by new challenges, new experiences, and multi-cultural enrichment, when I live abroad, I feel 100% alive. This is why after I graduated as an economist in Italy, I’ve decided that by perusing work experience outside my country I will discover my hidden skills and I will get to know myself better.
My first working and living experience abroad was in the Middle East, in the capital of Oman – Muscat, where I stayed for 3 years.  Coming back home from that experience I felt differently – more mature, balanced and happy.  After I’ve been back to Italy, spending time with my family, I started to look for a new job there, but my DNA as a globetrotter was calling for a new challenge abroad. I wanted to stay closer to Italy and at the same time to experience something different. And this is how I found Sofia, Bulgaria, and Yource Bulgaria.
The beginning here was of course challenging, I had to explore everything from scratch, to adjust to a new country, a different job, different culture, and new adventure. Every new beginning is usually tough but from those challenges, my “fighter mode” is usually coming up and this is how we grow!
After a while, I started to notice how beautiful the nature of Bulgaria is, from the place like seven Rila lakes, very old monasteries, natural wonders like Belogradchik rocks, Magura cave to climbing Vitosha in the weekends, made me feel much more part of the community. People here are not necessarily with a smile printed on their faces, but if you need help, they will be polite and very helpful.
At Yource Bulgaria I have found a friendly environment, great colleagues from different cultures, polite management, and professional HR department, and this is why after one year I am still working here.
Everyone is celebrating his birthday and buying sweets for all the job mates.  Going out together after work in different places is also part of everyday life at the company.