3 June 2019

Great performance for Euroccor Teams at the Business Run 2019 edition!

Participating in the Business Run is one of the most exciting Euroccor traditions for already 6 years. We run not only for fun, but also to support a charity cause. 

The Business run is the biggest corporate sports event in Bulgaria and every year there are approximately 300 teams (1200 participants) from the over 100 companies. This year we have supported the Scholarships “Continue”, an initiative of the National Foster Care Association. The goal of the "Continue" is to support and encourage students to foster families to continue their successful performance at school. 

This year Euroccor traditionally participated with 2 Teams - Euroccor - The Stars and Euroccor - The Enthusiasts. Both teams performed great and achieved outstanding results while having fun together!

Our First Team - The Stars ranked 45th place out of 300 Teams with total time: 01:12:29h. Our second team ranked 159th place with total time 01:25:47h. 
We are very proud of their achievement, dedication, and enthusiasm! Enjoy the great pictures and see you all next year!