24 April 2023

Yource Bulgaria AD - case study SGS global website ISO 18295

We are very proud to share that we have been chosen for a case study from SGS on our ISO 18295 (the first international quality standard dedicated to the call center industry) certification!

We have been continuously certified since 2014 and we are happy to have been chosen as an example due to the quality that our teams are providing every day.

The certification ISO 18295 proves mature and robust systems, meeting both the standard and organizational process requirements, in the areas:
✔ Customer relationship requirements
Customer-focused leadership
Human resources
Operational processes
Service delivery infrastructure
Client relationship
Customer experience
The client’s relationship with the CCC

We decided to pursue ISO 18295 certification because it provides a solid foundation for us to operate to a robust set of processes and workflows, which are subject to regular reviews and improvements. In turn, we can deliver state-of-the-art BPO solutions customized to our clients, to ensure quality excellence and strong performance against robust KPIs.

Furthermore, we operate from a nearshore location, with most of our clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, DACH and other Western European countries. Being certified to an international standard of this value has greatly helped us to acquire new clients, as it speaks louder than just our words when it comes to how professional and dedicated we are.

Yource Bulgaria has effectively utilized the potential of the standard and uses the information and data generated by different processes and KPIs to consistently improve the customer experience while making it a better place for people to work. This is because they understand that, in a CCC, their human resources, particularly agents, are integral to the organization, helping to boost the customer experience” , said Waqas Awan, this year's auditor.

Learn more about the ISO certification here: Link

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