31 August 2020

Working at Yource Bulgaria in Bulgaria - What to Expect?

Today we want to take you through the onboarding process for new employees in Yource Bulgaria. Moving abroad or even just changing your company can be a tough decision, but after reading this post you will have a much better idea of what you can expect!

This post will be very valuable to you if you are:
  • Doubting if Yource Bulgaria is the right fit for you
  • Going to start working at Yource Bulgaria soon
  • A recruiter who wants to learn more about our company
  • A (potential) client who wants to know how we treat our people
In a nutshell, we are going to discuss the following topics:
  • ​The relocation package
  • Your first days in the company
  • The training you will receive
  • Your first productive day
  • Our coaching process
  • Fun at the office activities
  • The company culture
  • Our brand-new office
So without further ado, let's dive into the entire process of starting at Yource Bulgaria!

The relocation package

If you're not yet living in Bulgaria, we do everything we can to make the move to Bulgaria as easy and comfortable as possible. Your first days in a new country should be all about adapting to the new culture and lifestyle, and not spending your time worrying about small things.

For this reason, our relocation package offers the following benefits:
  • Your flight to Bulgaria will be covered and prepaid by us
  • Your first nights in a comfortable hotel will be prepaid by us 
  • The brokerage fees for your apartment will be prepaid by us 
  • Our wonderful HR department will assist you in getting a residence permit
When you arrive in Bulgaria, you will be picked up from the airport by someone from our company. This person will be holding a sign with our logo and your name, so you don't have to search for us. You will be taken to a very comfortable hotel on a walking distance to the office and metro stations that can take you practically anywhere in the city.

Of course, you're not going to stay in the hotel forever and our brokers will help you to find an apartment that suits your needs in no time. The broker will contact you well before your arrival and we recommend you to share your preferences with the broker in advance, so the broker can find you something that fits your needs perfectly.

Once you're settled and getting more comfortable in your new home, it's time to get an official residence permit that allows you to work and stay in Bulgaria. Our HR department will help you through this process and it'll cost you nothing more than a few hours in a morning of your choice.

Now that you've settled in Bulgaria, let's explain how our team is going to help you feel at home!

A warm welcome at Yource Bulgaria in Bulgaria

Warm welcome at Euroccor in Bulgaria
During your first days in Bulgaria, you will come to our office to meet the HR team. During this day, you will sign your labour contract (which you will receive by email way before you even get to Bulgaria) and get the chance to ask anything you want about your new job.

Once the formalities are over, one of our team members will take the time to show you around your new working location. During the office tour, you will also get the chance to meet your manager, team lead(ers), trainer(s) and other persons that you will rely on during your first days and beyond.

Once you've got your tour, it's time to prepare for your first day at the job; your training!

Extensive and professional training

Training at Euroccor, a call center in Bulgaria

Now you should be settled in your new apartment and starting to feel more comfortable in your new environment and it's time to learn new things! On your first paid working day, you will receive extensive training that will prepare you for your new job.

Firstly, our Quality&Training (Q&T in short) will train you on general contact center skills for your new job. This training is specifically created for the job you are going to do, whether that's sales, customer care or technical support - you will get a specialized training that will get you up and running for your new project.

Once you get the hang of these soft skills, it's time for your project-specific training. We have multitude of different projects, so it's hard to define the exact training in this post, but you can rest assured that you will not be left without the proper knowledge to do your job. For some projects the training might be just a few days, while for others you will get a training for a week or even longer - your recruiter can give you more information about your training.

When the classical training has finished, the most exciting part of your training starts: you're going to jump on the phone for your first call!

Your first day on the phone

First day on the phone at Euroccor in Bulgaria
Although this may be the scariest part for some people, it's usually the most fun part! You can finally use all of the skills and knowledge you have gained in the previous days in real life! You are going to help real customers or approach real prospects with the knowledge you have.

Before that happens though, you will meet all your new team members and probably even your new friends! We have a very warm community that will be more than happy to welcome you into the team and show you around the city, should you feel like it. The people make the difference at Euroccor, and you get to be a part of the community!

During the first calls, one of the senior members of the team will sit next to you to hold your hand (figuratively speaking, of course) and make you feel comfortable during the first moments. You will have the chance to mute the call if you have any questions and after each call you will review your performance together.

After a few calls you should feel at ease to start calling alone, but if you and your colleague feel you need some more assistance - we're more than happy to spend more time with you!

Now you're officially a part of the team, we would like to explain you how we plan on coaching you and bringing you to the next level.

Quality monitoring and coaching at Yource Bulgaria

Coaching at Euroccor, a call center in Bulgaria
As already shared above, our people make the difference. To help you make the difference, we believe coaching is one of the most important aspects in your performance. 

Quality monitoring
Every project in Yource Bulgaria has dedicated people monitoring your calls, to help you improve your skills and achieve better results. Although the amount of monitored interactions differs based on your project, you can expect to have a constructive meeting about your quality performance on a weekly basis.

We work with different tools and forms that give you a clear insight in your performance, and show you which aspects you're performing very well at and which ones we need to help you with. 

Coaching & 121s
The seniors in your team are always available to talk with you in case of questions, worries and anything else that's on your mind. Our open-doors policy invites you to share anything with your seniors, so that any kind of issues can be tackled early on. 

Next to the fact that you can approach them, we also have monthly 121s in which your team leader will share his or her impressions about your performance, but also to allow you to share any kind of concerns or feedback you may have. When working at Yource Bulgaria, you can rest assured that you're never alone.

Lots of fun activities with your colleagues

Fun activities with colleagues at Euroccor in Bulgaria
We believe in team work and the best way to achieve a great team atmosphere is to do fun things with your colleagues outside of working time. While most of our colleagues love to go out with each other even without us organizing anything, we love to make your time in Bulgaria an unforgettable one.

Every team has one or more yearly teambuildings, dinners and more. We've been rafting, hiking, walking through the beautiful Bulgarian mountains, but also enjoyed the most delicious dinners together. At work we love to order pizza together (or healthy dishes, if that's your thing!) and have fun around the office during lunch breaks.

Next to that, we've recently started our Body, Mind & Soul program in which we organize monthly events to enhance the company culture by inspiring you in becoming a better version of yourself, by stimulating your body, mind and soul. Some events that we have recently had or are planning to do are quiz nights, hiking through the mountains, rafting, guided meditations and much more! 

Welcome to your new family

The Euroccor family in Bulgaria
It's already shared in this post, but what most people love about Yource Bulgaria is the amazing, familial atmosphere within our company. We're ordering food together, going on hikes, having fun after work and a lot of people even travel around together. If there's one thing you shouldn't be afraid of while working at Yource Bulgaria, it's feeling alone. Most expats come here all by themselves and we've seen that everyone fits in well.

With this, we would like to end this article. If you have any questions about working at Yource Bulgaria, feel free to write or call us and we will be sure to get back to you with a proper answer to your questions!

We hope you enjoyed reading this post, and the onboarding process is more clear than it was before.

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