15 August 2022

Why is it a good idea to work abroad? Top 5 reasons why you should consider working with us in Bulgaria or Greece.

Moving abroad doesn’t have to be scary. To some, it means going on a great adventure. For others, it is about higher wages or better living standards.  Truth is, it can be a lot more beneficial than people think. If you are still wondering if you want to work with us in Bulgaria or Greece, here are 5 reasons why it is a good idea: 

1. It's fun: Living in another country offers loads of fun new experiences, you will make friends and memories for a lifetime. You will meet so many new people and it will allow you to integrate into a different culture, meet alongside locals, and also meet other international coworkers. 

 Here in the office, there are other expats like you. What most people love about Euroccor is the amazing, familial atmosphere within our company. There is one thing for sure, you won't feel alone. 

2. It’s good for your future: Having international work experience on your resume will never go out of style. 9/10 of employers prefer candidates with international experience.  This shows adaptability, motivation and determination – three skills that employers and recruiters greatly value. In addition, having international experience will put you at an immediate advantage over other candidates who have never worked abroad.  

With the high unemployment rate amongst young people in western Europe, fresh graduates can gain a lot of professional experience here for 2-3 years, enjoying life abroad and going back to their countries with a great professional background. 

3. You learn and discover new things: Whether it was a settler in the seventeenth century searching for a new world, an engineer developing new technologies or a start-up founder revolutionizing society, what unites all pioneers is the bravery to move towards the unknown. It is that same spirit that defines an expat. No matter if you move for their work and career, love and family, a better quality of life or in search of adventure — the moment someone decides to move abroad, they become modern-day pioneer. 

But no worries! We do not expect you to have previous call centre experience. Starting from your first paid working day, you will receive extensive training that will prepare you for your new job. 

4. You are in demand: Your mother language is the competitive advantage you never knew you had. And that is the only thing you will need! Using your own language for work is probably one of the best reasons to consider working in a call center in a country like Bulgaria or Greece.  

Our training specialist will train you on general contact center skills for your new job, followed by a training that is specifically created for the job you are going to do, whether that's sales, customer care or technical support - you will get a specialized onboarding that will get you up and running for your new project. 


5. Find a better work-life balance: A study by the American Psychological Association found out that those who decided to work abroad are way less stressed at work. About six in ten expats specifically state that they are satisfied with their employment situation (64%), work-life balance (60%), and job security (57%). Up to one in five even say that they could not be any happier with those aspects.  

Did we catch your attention? These are just a few of the reasons why working for a BPO company abroad is a good career choice for expats. We know that starting a new life in a different country comes with its own set of challenges − from finding accommodation to sorting out different administrative matters; learning how to pay your bills, and getting around with local transport. Our HR will support you before, during, and after your arrival in Sofia, so you have no worries and enough time to enjoy the things you want to do.  


We know how stressful the moving abroad process might be. That is why we make sure that you are taken care of and that you can start this new chapter of your life without any stress. We will welcome you at the airport, assist you in finding a suitable home and arrange all the required local administration. Moreover, you are not alone. Many more foreign colleagues have been through this process and are currently working in our multicultural company either in Bulgaria or Greece.  

Did this catch your attention? 

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