31 May 2021

Top 5 Reasons for EXPATS to Work in a Contact Center in Bulgaria

If you are on the verge of making a decision to explore the world and live in another country, probably you have no idea where to start, which country will give you great experience and where you can work and have a good life standard. For many western-European expats Bulgaria doesn’t even exist on their lists, let alone working in the BPO sector or so-called contact centers. Bulgaria, unlike other European countries who are popular as a desirable place for expats, has much more to offer than you might know.
Many expats suggest that no matter the reason you want to move to another country, the best solution is to be employed in the BPO sector. Being the fastest growing industry in Bulgaria with many expats working there already, working in Call center in Bulgaria is among the best job opportunities for an expat.
Today we are going to share with you why working in a call center in Bulgaria is a great choice.

Great salary - Low cost of living

Top 5 Reasons for EXPATS to Work in a Contact Center in Bulgaria
Working in the BPO sector in Bulgaria ensures you a very good life standard in Bulgaria. Unlike other European countries, the monthly salaries in the BPO sector in Bulgaria are above the average for the country and can guarantee you a good life here.  With the salary you earn you can rent a very nice apartment, living by yourself, you can go out for dinners regularly, travel and do a lot of leisure activities. The Social life in Sofia is vibrant and ever-ongoing and you will have the financial resources to explore and enjoy it.

Relocation packages

A lot of companies in the BPO sector (such as Yource Bulgaria) offer to the Expats coming directly from abroad a very good relocation package. All you have to do is make a decision to live and work in Bulgaria and pack your bags. Everything else is taken care of – plane ticket, pick up from the airport, initial accommodation, help in finding and an apartment and more. Deciding to relocate in Bulgaria is a stress-free process that will make you feel safe. Additional support is always available for you, so you can get used to the country easily.

Away from home and yet feeling like home

Probably one of the best reasons to consider working in a call center in a country like Bulgaria is using your own language for work. Learning a foreign language can be quite challenging and time-consuming but when you are expat in Bulgaria your best asset is your language.  Moreover, being a popular expat destination, you will be able to work with people alike and people from your country, who share the same experience. You can meet and gather with other foreigners, so you don’t have to look for an expat community, you’ll have it right there at your workplace.


Gaining valuable experience – career development

Top 5 Reasons for EXPATS to Work in a Contact Center in Bulgaria
BPO companies care about their employees’ development for real. Part of their values includes promoting from within. No matter what stage of your career you are in, they invest in your development. Trainings, language courses, access to world-leading learning platforms, even Manager Universities and Technical Academies, thanks to which you can make a career switch. One of the best things about working in a call center in Bulgaria is that after 6 months you will get a permanent contract, which gives you long-term security. With the high unemployment rate amongst young people in western Europe, fresh graduates can gain a lot of professional experience here for 2-3 years, enjoying life abroad and go back to their countries with a great professional background.
Plus, the social benefits will provide extra comfort in enjoying your experience in the country.


Social Benefits

Innovative, friendly, and state-of-the-art offices are what you can expect as a working environment from a BPO company. Along with that, there many other perks and social benefits such as additional healthcare insurance, transportation allowance, sports cards with great discounts, fruit days, playing corners, and great team-building experiences.  Guess what? On top of your monthly salary, you will have the opportunity to earn some great bonuses, plus extra rewards for the real top performers, or even by referring your friends for joining the team.

Did we catch your attention? These are just a few of the reasons why working for a BPO company is a good career choice for expats.

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