18 October 2022

Summer 2022 Mind | Body | Soul

Private Food Truck, City Tour, Bowling, Drawing Competition, Charity Campaigns, Incentives....  

This is how we celebrated Summer 2022.

As we are enjoying some last sunny days, we are taking a look at back at all the fun we had in our office in the past few months.

Our team gatherings and events go under the motto MIND | BODY | SOUL, focusing each time on one of the 3 groups, and promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Yet for us, it does not matter if it is something for the MIND, something for the BODY, or something for the SOUL- it is always great to spend some time together with the colleagues, and we believe the following pictures show it:

We are now looking forward to our next events. Everybidy is already very excited for the big annual office Halloween Party, but we won't tell you the theme just yet :P 

Stay tuned for some surprises and follow our social media channels - facebook , instagram, and youtube @yource.bulgaria for first look behind the scenes.

And last but not least- do not hesitate to send us a message, if you want to join our team! #FeelsLikeFamily :) hr@bg.yource.cc will gladly answer all your questions.