11 December 2015

Job Promotion - Denitza Koeva - Contact Center Manager

Today we are happy and grateful that Denitza Koeva, currently holding the position of Deputy Contact Center Manager, has accepted our CEO's offer to promote her to Contact Center Manager, effective January 1, 2016. 

In her current role, Denitza has proven many times over her ability to take firm yet well-reflected decisions, to lead by example, skill and knowledge and negotiate successfully with potential and actual clients, as well as with partner companies and other third parties. Thus managing our business not only efficiently but first and foremost very effectively, her large contribution to the company's current growth does not go unnoticed.   

Please join us in congratulating Denitza to this well-deserved promotion.Yource Bulgaria's CEO and the Senior Management Team wish her all the best of luck, persistence and success when boarding on to this new endeavor in January. Beyond a doubt she will do as great in her new role, as she is now doing in her current one. 

Denitza holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering obtained at the Technical University of Sofia which taught her analytical thinking, perseverance, math and testing solutions among others.  Denitza has more than 10 years experience in almost all levels of the BPO industry. She's experienced in Lean, Auditing, Products and Programs Testing and has detailed knowledge of the European Contact Center Standard (ECCS/EN15838).