20 June 2023

Discover the vibrant festival life in Sofia, Bulgaria- for free!

Sofia is arguably one of the best places to live and work as it has a mixture of rich history and modern allure. We, at Yource Bulgaria, want to empower you to go, explore, and enjoy Sofia’s wide range of vibrant festivals, catering to the interests and needs of all kinds of different individuals. The best part about this is that all of the below-listed festivals are FREE so you can enjoy Sofia’s lively atmosphere without having to empty your wallet! Of course, we named only a few, but there are many more. 

Discover with us the rich cultural side of Sofia!

1. Sofia Film Fest – Held from Mid-March until the end of March
As the name implies, Sofia Film Fest is for cinema lovers. This festival is said to be one of the most prestigious film festivals in the Balkans! It showcases both Bulgarian and international movies from all genres one can think of and features open-air screenings, masterclasses and Q&A sessions. Sofia Film Fest occurs annually, somewhere in March, so if you’re keen on film, don’t miss your chance to connect with like-minded folks and see Sofia in a completely different light.

2. Night of the Museums and Galleries – Held during the second Saturday of month May
Culture enthusiasts must definitely visit this event as over 60 museums and galleries are open to the public, free of charge during it. The number of cultural institutions involved in the Night of Museums increases each year. The event is extremely interesting and attracts many visitors with its variety of programs, demonstrations, reenactments, theater, ballet performances, and concerts, thus simultaneously providing the opportunity to socialize.

3. Lunar Festival of Lights – Held in Mid-May
Annually taking place somewhere in May, the Lunar Festival of Lights makes Sofia even more vibrant and luminous than before. During this event, the city’s most iconic buildings, squares and parks are transformed with the art of light, making the central part of Sofia an open-air gallery, where all kinds of artists present captivating 3D mapping projections and light installations.

4. Sofia Music Weeks – Held from late May until the end of June
Music enthusiasts - this one’s for you! Sofia Music Weeks presents a mixture of various musical genres such as classical music, jazz and folklore. Taking place between May 24th and June 30th every year, this festival is a bridge between Bulgarian and world culture as it crosses Balkan, European and world-famous artists and composers and provides space for premieres, contemporary art and innovation. Visitors can enjoy these attention-grabbing performances in multiple locations throughout the city such as squares, parks and cultural venues.

5. Sofia Craft Beer Fest – Held in Mid-July
The Sofia Craft Beer Fest is an annual festival which showcases diverse craft beers from both local and international breweries. It presents a relaxed atmosphere where visitors can taste-test a variety of different beers and learn about brewing through workshops and presentations. The event also includes food stalls, live music and entertainment to provide attendees with the opportunity to fully experience the beer world.

6. Sofia Breathes – Held during every Sunday in August
Sofia Breathes presents a great opportunity to explore Sofia during the summer months! The festival transforms Sofia into a pedestrian paradise as during this event, the streets get filled by art installations, music, street performers and food trucks. Sofia Breathes is truly for anyone as it offers a little something to everyone’s taste so don’t miss the one-of-a-kind opportunity to immerse yourself in the buzzing ambiance of the festival.

7. Sofia International Book Fair – Held December 10th until December 15th
The Sofia International Book Fair brings together book lovers, authors and publishers. It serves as a platform for all types of literature, not only from Bulgaria but instead from all around the globe. The fair features all kinds of book genres and gives visitors the chance to attend book presentations, author readings, discussions and engage in literary conversations. Overall, the event offers a unique opportunity to explore the vibrant literary scene, meet authors and immerse oneself in the love for books and reading.

Sofia offers many free events each year such as cultural festivals, film screenings, music festivals and modern festivals, thus ensuring that you will never be bored. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make lifelong memories and visit your favorite festival!

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