22 June 2020

How To Choose the Right Contact Center BPO Partner in Bulgaria

If you've read our previous article (​5 Reasons Why Bulgaria is the Perfect Destination for BPO),  you already know there are enough reasons to outsource (parts of) your business to Bulgaria.

While in our last post we spoke about BPO more generally, today we're diving deep into our own field: the world of contact centers.

Although the location is an important factor, you still have to choose a partner that you can build a great collaboration with. That's what we will be discussing today.

This article will be valuable to you if you are:
  • A company that is looking to outsource (parts of) their sales, customer care or other forms of customer contact and data entry to Bulgaria.
  • A person interested in working for a Bulgarian company
Now, without any further ado, let's dive in!

1. Experience In The Contact Center Industry

Experienced contact center bpo agent in Bulgaria

When you choose to outsource your customer contact to Bulgaria, generally that choice is made for a combination of the following factors:
  • To free your own or your teams' valuable time for more important / difficult matters
  • To save on costs, compared to working with a partner in another country
  • To improve quality, by having access to a team of experienced contact center specialists
When experience in the field is missing, it takes more time for a team to get up to speed. That means that during the first months, you will be spending lots of time on managing your project yourself and you will be spending more than necessary.

When experience is available however, you will enjoy the benefits of outsourcing from day one. The right contact center applications will be used, agents will be up to speed in no time and the management will proactively work on improving your business within their own teams.

At Yource Bulgaria, we have experience in the contact center industry for over 14 years and you can read some of our most interesting case studies right here.

2. Meet The Management Before You Decide

Meet the Management of your BPO partner in Bulgaria

The management in a contact center is what makes maybe for the biggest difference in the performance of your teams. An experienced and inspiring management team will motivate agents to go the extra mile in each and every interaction with your customers, just as you would do yourself.

Therefore, we recommend you to always try to meet the management of the contact center you are talking with. During the meeting, it's a good idea to look for:
  • Does the management like what they're doing? Are they motivated themselves?
    • If that's the case, they are more likely to transfer their own motivation to their teams.
  • Do you have a click with the management?
    • A good connection is important in any partnership, but when you are outsourcing an important part of your business it's even more so.
These are relatively easy to see in a first meeting, but it's also important to look for signs regarding trust - are they honest or did you feel someone was hiding something for you? If the latter is the case, maybe it's not bad to contact another contact center.

At Yource Bulgaria, almost our entire management is holding their roles in our organization for over five years, with some even working with us since the founding year. Feel free to meet any of us at any time through this link.

3. People Make The Difference

Contact center People make the difference

As we wrote in the previous point, management plays a huge role in contact centers. There is just one thing, that is even more so important: the people. If you want to outsource parts of your customer contact, the following points might be important to you:
  • Language: Do the people speak my language natively?
  • Experience: Do the people have experience in a contact center?
  • Education: Do the people have the right education for the job?
Although it is probably impossible to meet all agents working in a contact center during a short visit, it's a good idea to talk with the Human Resources department. It would be a good idea to ask the following questions:
  • What kind of people do you think would be a good fit for our project?
  • How are you planning to find people for my project?
  • How much time do you need to find a certain amount of people?
By asking these questions, you will have a good idea about the HR department of the company you're talking about. 

At Yource Bulgaria, one of our core values is that "Our People Make The Difference" and we have many initiatives that show that we do (check out our Facebook page) and you are free to talk with our agents and HR department at any time - just contact us!


Today we've discussed three main topics to look out for when selecting a BPO partner in Bulgaria. While there are more topics, such as price and location, they are more relative. Experience in the field in the field and the people that you will work with, make the biggest difference of all.

So in short, what we hoped you gained from this article, is:
  • Check the track record of your potential partner and dive in their case studies
  • Take your time to meet and ask some questions to the management 
  • Try to meet someone from the HR department and ask them relevant questions
We hope you found this article helpful and if you want to get to know more about us, feel free to write us a message through this link.