24 October 2023

A day at the Yource Bulgaria on the project Eneco

Hey there!
Welcome to a sneak peek into the daily life of Anton, one of our team members, who working on the project Eneco. Come along on this fun journey with us and learn more about his daily tasks on the project! 

A Typical Day at Yource Bulgaria 
For Anton, the day starts with a fresh cup of tea to wake up, usually around 9 o clock. He says that your morning drink is “the elixir that powers you through the day”. As he settles into his desk at the office, Anton prepares to dive into a world of energy solutions, customer requests, and satisfaction. “The Eneco project keeps us on our toes, offering a dynamic work environment.” 
What's Great about Eneco? 

Anton says that Eneco stands out for its eco-friendly energy. “It's more than just an energy company; it leads in renewable energy. I feel like I’m making a small, but an important contribution to a greener future, which keeps me motivated.” 

Common Customer Questions 

Working as a customer service agent, Anton often hears the same questions. Customers mostly ask about bills, account management, and energy plans. They want to know about their energy usage, payment choices, and how to save energy. Anton enjoys helping customers make informed decisions and solving their problems. 

The Most Important Skill 

Effective communication is key for his job, shares Anton. It is crucial to be able to explain complex things in a simple, friendly way. Customers appreciate clear answers that solve their issues. 

Feelings about the Job 

When asked to describe his job in one word, Anton said 'fulfilled.' He finds joy in assisting people with sustainable energy and being part of something bigger. 

Taking a Break 

In customer service, every call is unique and can be challenging. Taking breaks is important. Yource Bulgaria encourages employees to step away, take short walks, or chat with colleagues. It helps clear the mind and get ready for the next customer. 
End of the Day

Before you know it, it is time to log off. In the evenings after work, Anton likes to explore the Sofia city center with his friends. Tonight, they are going bowling! We wish them luck! :)

So, there you have it – a glimpse into a day at Yource Bulgaria, working on the Eneco project. If you're considering a customer service career and feel inspired, remember that good communication and taking breaks are key. 
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