27 July 2022

25 questions with.... Giovanni Braem

Hi dear Yource Bulgaria Friends,  
We continue to meet you with our people in the series “25 questions with...”!  
Here is Giovanni Braem, who was recently promoted to the position of Team Lead. Let's jump straight to it and see what piece of advice will he share with us. It’s one sunny Friday afternoon. Giovanni and I are sitting on the blue couches in our office. In his jeans and t-shirt, he looks relaxed.  

Q: Hi Giovanni! So tell us more about your position, what are you up to these days, work-wise?  
A: To be honest, at the moment I am more busy with administrative tasks, looking at different reports, etc, and trying to provide as much support to the team as possible. Currently we have another Team Lead in training, and I am alone on the floor, that is why. Once he fully starts, I will get back to doing more 1 on 1 coaching with my team as well. Nevertheless, no matter how busy it gets, the support for my team stays always, that is important to me. If they have a question or difficulty, they can always approach me.  

Q: What time did you wake up this morning? 
A: I woke up around 7 am, quick shower, cigarette, around 20 min and I am ready to go.  I arrived at the office around 8:10. It is a little bit earlier as I usually start at 9, but I wanted to get some work done in advance. Sometimes I start early in order to be less stressed during the day... Anyway, it’s Friday, so we have a nice vibe on the floor today.   

Q: Congratulations on your promotion to Team Lead! Can you tell us how long you have been in the company for?  
A: Exactly 1 year and 2 months! I had no previous experience in call centers. When I started working here, after the 4th month I was promoted to floor walker, and after the 6th month to senior agent. Now, after the 10th month, I became a Team Lead. I know it might seem surprising to some, but that is also one of the reasons that I chose Euroccor/Yource Bulgaria, because here, they always look for potential in-house first. You can really grow and advance your career. Actually, I am a very good example of that.  

Q: What’s your most favourite aspect of your job? 
A: Helping agents to grow on the project, giving my knowledge to them so if they want, they can grow in the company like I did. 

Q: How would you describe yourself (in 3 words)? 
A: I would say... Social... direct, and… a bit autistic? No, that’s not a good word for it... Organized, yes, that’s better. I like it when everything is planned, organized, and scheduled. 

Q: Name one thing you can’t live without:
A: My daughter! I know, I know. If you would have asked me 3 years ago I would have said something else, but now definitely my daughter. You know, it is something that grows from you, it becomes part of you. It is impossible not to care for it.  

Q: If you could have lunch or dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be? 
A: Vasil Levski! He is a very important Bulgarian historical figure and I would like to know how life was in that time. I would want to ask him what he thinks about the future... The choice is actually between him and Ivan Vazov, another Bulgarian revolutionary and poet. My girlfriend is from Sopot and we often visited Vazov’s museum-house there.  

Q: What’s your worst habit? 
A: That I want everything to be organized! It is getting better, though, I am getting better, haha. Having a girlfriend, and having a daughter now for sure helps. I am used to having an exact plan when we leave the house- for example, when I say we leave at 8:30, we leave at 8:30! It was often the case that at 8:30 our daughter was still running around, and my girlfriend chasing her to get her dressed for the day. I know you can’t control that. But I figured it out! Now I tell them we need to leave at 8:00 sharp when we actually need to leave at 8:30, and I don’t stress myself out.  

Q: What’s your best habit? 
A: I like to help people. Any kind of help, not only for work. Friends can also ask me anything anytime. Like, if I have dinner plans tonight, for example, and a friend calls me asking for help, I will cancel the dinner. 

Q: Who is your celebrity crush? 
A: Jenifer Lopez. You are going to laugh, but ever since back in my days... I mean still now, she is still WOW. But back when she and her music were starting to become famous. Everything she did, and everything she is still doing to be like this. Fascinating.  

Q: Who is your hero? 
A: To me a hero means it should be someone who is not with us anymore. So, my dad. When I was a kid, he wasn’t there much, because he and my mum worked in shifts. But I became the person I am because of him. My dad is the one who taught me that you don’t get everything for free, you work for it. The best habits I also got from him. Like, I am a bit old fashioned. For example, You open the door for your girlfriend/women. You let them first go in and then you follow. 

Q: What’s your favourite season in Sofia? 
A: That is difficult to decide because I have two! Summer and Winter. That’s also the reason why I like Bulgaria so much- here, it is very nice and warm in the summer, and there is snow in the winter. 

Q: What scares you the most? 
To get blind. Actually for me, then life will be over. I wouldn’t be able to see my daughter. I think that when you can’t see, you can’t enjoy life around you. 

Q: What is the one thing you want to achieve? 
A: Personally, I don’t want to achieve much anymore, I think I have achieved a lot. Even more than I thought I was even capable of. So, I would say what I want to achieve in addition, that is to raise my daughter the same way I was raised, so that she becomes a good person.  

Q: What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone? 
A: The way they speak- gives me a good orientation about how they are. 

Q: What are you often told when people work with you? 
A: That I am good at what I do, even when it is something that I don’t like doing. 

Q: What is the bravest thing that you’ve ever done?  
A: I don’t think I do hero things often. I would say, the bravest thing I have done- I am not even sure if it is allowed everywhere, or at least you need to pay money for it- is to be in the surgery room, while my daughter was being born, and just after. I didn’t faint, I have no issues with blood. I am simply happy that I was able to help.  

Q: What will you say to yourself 5 years ago? 
A: Even when you don’t think it is possible, just do it – the way you think you should do it. 

Q: What’s your favourite movie/tv show of all time? 
A: The 70s show! The storyline follows the everyday life of a group of friends. I think it is pretty interesting, I mean it’s the 70s! Old cars, old clothes, style. It’s very funny, it's one of those shows you watch to laugh and relax.  

Q: What’s your favourite food? 
A: Even though I love Bulgarian food, I have to stay true and name a one. It is steak with French fries. I don’t know actually why everybody calls them French fries, when they are Belgian! 

Q: What’s your least favourite food? 
A: Salad. I have to admit, it is getting better- I can already eat tomatoes and cucumbers, but... I am not a rabbit. 

Q: What do you do on your days off? 
A: Most of the time I am with family. We usually go out in the park or somewhere in nature. Especially now, in the summer. We like doing activities together.  We also have one thing we always do whenever we visit a new city- we always find a good restaurant to eat. Another shared activity for the days off is cleaning. My daughter has the ability to put things into places I didn’t even know existed in our house! 

Q: What is one hobby that you plan on picking up? 
A: Playing football. I used to play it for 27 years. I want to pick it up again.  

Q: What’s the best piece of advice that you have ever received? 
A: Stay yourself. That is the best thing- don’t change, even when you make a mistake. For example, I always knew what I wanted to do. I also have bumped into a lot of problems. But sometimes you have to hit a wall to become a better person. 

Q: And last question, how many ping pong balls fit in a minivan? 
A: I don’t know. 50 thousand or something. Like in what kind of minivan? You have to specify.